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Snoring isn’t just noisy,

it’s unhealthy.

It shouldn’t be surprising that restricted breathing can lead to a variety of health issues.

Studies have found snoring to be a direct cause of:

  • Exhaustion & fatigue

  • Lack of concentration

  • Memory problems

  • Increased long-term risk for a stroke

  • Higher risk of heart disease and complications

  • Chronic headache

  • Decreased sexual satisfaction

  • High blood pressure

  • Low oxygen levels in the blood

  • Obesity

  • Higher risk of mental health issues

SleepX's super-acurate sensors train people to get the air they need in order to function at their best.

Take a deep breath

The DreamIT AI Solution:

Wristband & Smart APP 

DreamIT contains a vibration motor and sensors that measure real-time physiological data such as movement, pulse, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, etc.

The data is sent to the SleepX app on the user smartphone, which also listens to breathing rate and detects snoring.

Unique algorithms combine all data in real time and decide when to activate the vibration, at what intensity, and its duration. The gentle vibration takes you out of deep sleep into a lighter phase, a transition that trains your brain to breathe properly.

Over a short amount of time, your brain and body use bio-feedback to teach itself to sleep in the correct position and proper breathing technique on its own, leading to improved night breathing over time.

At the user's choice, it is possible to receive comprehensive statistical reports on sleep quality and sleep health, as well as to receive alerts about critical health changes that require consultation and follow-up.

You’ll soon forget you ever had trouble.


Smart APP

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The SleepX APP turns any smartphone into a snore tracking device and services as a control panel for your new device.

By tracking your sleep patterns, the app use machine learning to adapt the treatment and recommends improvements to your sleeping patterns and breathing habits.

Current version can be used without a wristband, for a breath monitoring and snoring detection.

Why DreamIT?


Comfortable and non intrusive. DreamIT sits on your night table, and on your wrist.


Drug-free and completely safe. Stop ingesting toxins in an attempt to get a decent night’s sleep.


Better long-term health. Snoring has recently been linked with many (avoidable) health issues.


Better nights lead to better days. Wake up feeling more energized, feeling like you slept 2 extra hours.


Heavy sleeper? DreamIT’s vibration gradually gets stronger until your respiration normalizes.


Tracks and saves all your biometric data so you can look at it on your phone or share it with your doctor.

Early customer reviews

“My husband is a loud snorer while I'm a light sleeper. Basically this means our nights are hell... After trying different things that weren't comfortable to use over time we found this. It took a few days but the results are amazing."

Debbie Allen

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