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Sleep Apnea Symptoms and Manifestations

Sleep apnea may exist for years without being diagnosed. Though, it is tough to identify, it has some prominent symptoms which occur only during sleep. Ask your bed partner or roommate to pay attention to your sleep habits or try to record yourself while you’re asleep. If there are pauses in snoring that last more than 10 seconds and occur in regular intervals or if there is choking or gasping, your are likely to have this condition.

Untreated sleep apnea can be irritating and even fatal. 

There are particular signals, one can't afford to ignore:

Snoring. This sign is typical for those experiencing obstructive sleep apnea. Not everyone having snoring suffers from sleep apnea;

Daytime fatigue or sleepiness. The symptom implies unordinary and persistent sleepiness during the day. It can be a life-threatening as it may affect performance at work or at school;

Headache. Statistics say that 50% of people suffering from sleep apnea experience morning headaches;
Depression. The fact is that people with any sleep disorder are more prone to depression;

Other signs. If suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, one may experience sexual dysfunction, dry throat, excessive sweating, and many more;

The more of the sleep apnea symptoms you experience, the more severe case of sleep apnea you have. Sleep apnea is not the condition to be taken for granted as it may result in damage to your health. 

Sleep apnea is more frequent in adults but children are also prone to it. The tell-tale signs of sleep apnea in children are learning problems, developmental delays, hyperactivity, poor performance at school, bed wetting, aggressiveness, and many more. Some children tend to have unusual sleeping positions and may breathe through their mouth during daytime activity.

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